PHILOMENA becomes JULIA LEIFERT! Let me tell you, why

"In times of all uncertainty, inhumanity and climate change the most valuable and powerful thing we have is transparency and authenticity.

We need to know who we are and concentrate on the world we want to live in. Therefore I have decided, it is time for me to become more personal. Beauty, art and fashion is my life. My designs are my version of how I see the world where we all live together in harmony.

This is why I am going to change the brands name PHILOMENA to JULIA LEIFERT.

Using my own name is a step forward to show my personal values of holistic sustainability as elementary part of luxury fashion and as statement that I believe in what I do.

I want to inspire others to stand up for their values, dreams and hopes. Because together we can change to world and it's time to do so."




Julia LeifertPORTRAIT
Julia Leifert announcement