"Recycling is an important issue that also affects the fashion industry."

When it comes to recycling, nothing new is produced, but already existing materials, such as PET bottles, recycled. This is what we have in mind when we think about recycling. We think that's a good thing, too.

But: yes, there is a but!

In times when we see the pollution of our oceans and Mother Earth everywhere a declared goal is to steadily reduce our CO2 emissions and minimize waste production as much as possible. This includes not only to avoid the use of crude oil-based plastic products in every day life, packaging and transportation, but in addition, to using renewable energies, reusing already existing materials and the resulting life-cycle extension.

When we talk about plastic almost nobody knows that Polyester fibers are among the most widely used textile fibers worldwide. They are usually characterized by the low price and the long shelf life. But the are man-made from petroleum, a non-renewable raw material. In addition, the increasing plastic garbage is a massive environmental problem worldwide, since plastic decomposes only after centuries.

Unfortunately till today only 1-2% of all garments and fabrics world wide can be recycled due to the mixed materials in one product. When it is, the quality of the new fabric often is less good as it has been in the first time. But nevertheless, we think recycling is something we all should have in mind when to save new resources.