"We work with dead stock material that originates from excess production to steadily reduce our CO2 emissions and minimize waste production"

This is also possible: Little or no waste is produced in the production of "zero waste" parts. We work with dead stock material that originates from excess production and would otherwise have to be smelted.

The declared goal is to steadily reduce our CO2 emissions and minimize waste production. Therefore, we not only recycle, but also buy materials from other companies that have been left behind as overproduction. Many tons of clothing and even fabrics are destroyed annually directly after production, without them ever having come on the market, because they were produced as supernatant. This pollutes the environment and our resources. Resources that are not inexhaustible. Here we would like to try to save resources and reduce the new production by purchasing the products.

In addition, we avoid large stocks. We know that today we are used to receiving our products immediately after ordering. This is very easy and convenient. On the other hand, it carries the risk of having goods produced in advance without knowing whether it can be sold. In times of ever-changing trends, we consciously offer the highest quality products and innovative designs that can and should be worn over several seasons. We appreciate what stays and have decided to produce some of our products only made to order. This saves material and energy because it is produced only what is really needed. Thanks to our short transport and communication channels, we can usually deliver such a unique piece of work within 10 to 14 working days, making us just as fast as the vertical trade in its trends. And if one of our good does ever not please you or fit by size you can of course easily sent it back to us.

 We avoid large stocks to connect with the idea  - "buy Less, choose well, make it last! (VIVIAN WESTWOOD)"