von Julia Leifert

JULIA LEIFERT stands for a fair and transparent production. We want to take over responsibility.

We believe in our duty to support fundamental knowledge and craftsmanship of regional factories. We want to support traditional manufacturers to exist and grow in the European garment marked again. This allows us to create and grow strong and long-lasting relation- and partnerships with our suppliers, highest qualities for our products, flexible and fast solutions and the avoidance of unnecessary environmental burdens.

One advantage of the decision we have chosen are short transport distances. So we can avoid environmentally pollution by transportation and unnecessary packaging. Reducing the shipping costs on one hand helps us to paying fair salary to our manufacturers, on the other.

Close and personal relationships to our manufactures help us to make sure that we work hand in hand for you as our customer and to get the high quality we believe in.

Every design is created and samples in Berlin.  All of our hand made products are created in small manufactories with high knowledge in pattern making and tailoring. in and near Berlin. Not all products are made in Germany, but we as a member of the EU decided a regionally strong connection is more important than the label "made in Germany". 

Philomena Zanetti - Production