Sustainability and responsibility



JULIA LEIFERT stands for holistic sustainability and casually elegant, timeless design that underlines modern, independent and individual femininity in urban diversity and encourages the wearer to go her very own way.


Carefully sourced organic and natural materials, mostly from the European region, can be traced back to their origin. We refrain from using fur, leather, down, as well as polyester or admixtures of other crude oil-based fabrics, and make sure that virgin wool and Ahimsa silk are animal-friendly. Processing, dyeing and finishing of the fabrics are regularly checked for working conditions and environmental compatibility as well as for health- and skin-friendly ingredients for workers and customers. Quality and design are based on the idea of circularity. In order to make the goods as durable as possible and allow it several life cycles and then become re- or upcycled. We avoid the use of unnecessary chemicals. The materials we use are CO2-friendly and grown on natural soils, and produced with a minimum of waste. We also use innovative materials, such as Tencel, which are based on natural resources and are environmentally friendly thanks to the closed cycle.

The production takes place under fair and transparent conditions within a radius of 150 km in and around Berlin. This saves emissions and enables good, long-term relationships as well as the economic stabilization of local businesses. Plastic is avoided in the value-added process as well as in packaging and shipping. To avoid overproduction and waste of resources, there are no short-lived seasonal products, but products available as limited editions. In addition, we offer both the possibility of pre-order, as well as custom orders.

 As a member of UN Women Germany, we see it as our social responsibility to support projects to empower women worldwide.

As with the creation of the company, we strive today to act responsibly in all aspects of our business and want to inspire others to follow us on the journey to more sustainable consciousness- because we care.




Since 2018 we are officially 

Text - Sustainability and responsibility


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   Philomena Zanetti - Fashion Council Germany

Winner of Sustainability Award 2018


Member of 

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