Philomena x kadewe

by Aiza C. Leano

Philomena x kadewe

The Berlin salon×Vote for fashion

In cooperation with the »Berlin Salon«, the KaDeWe presents the vote »Vote for Fashion«. As a customer, you can select a German label as part of the Berlin Fashion Week, which will be included in the assortment of the Department Store from autumn 2019.


In July 2018, the designers won Isabel Vollrath and Julia Leifert with the same many votes the fashion voting. Since then, both show their brands I'VR Isabel Vollrath and Philomena Zanetti in KaDeWe in addition to internationally established designers. Vollrath designed for her 2015 label sculptural looks and shows its collections six months as part of the Berlin Fashion Week. Leaft produces sustainable fashion with its designs for Philomena Zanetti since 2014, which is made in accordance with high ecological and social standards. The result: clear, timeless styles with flowing silhouettes that can be combined with each other.

 Philomena x kadewe

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Pictures: Philomena Zanetti / Campagne: Anna Daki