Growing up close to nature in southern Germany, the passionate rider since childhood and long-time vegetarian dealt with the topics of nature and the environment at an early age. Her talent for drawing and her interest in fashion were discovered early on, and so her first steps as a designer began when she drew and tailored her own designs as a teenager. After graduating from high school she went to Lake Constance to study law, but never lost sight of her passion for fashion and art. She later moved to New York City and Berlin, where she studied fashion and design management.

Even before the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza building that shook the world in 2013, she knew that she wanted to change working conditions in the fashion industry and that for her, equality and the empowerment of women in fashion, respectful use of our resources and durable design will be inseparable in the fashion of the future. So in 2014, while studying, she founded her first own label to make a statement.

The attention of magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and L'officiel were not long in coming, so that the former project has now grown into a company. Since 2015, she has been a permanent fixture on the Berlin Fashionweek fashion calendar and a member of the Vogue Salon under the patronage of the editor-in-chief of German Vogue. Her designs are shown in Paris and New York. As a speaker and sustainability expert, she herself campaigns internationally for fairer working conditions, environmental protection and more animal welfare.

Today JULIA LEIFERT stands as a pioneer like no other in the field of "New Luxury Design from Germany". Lovingly handcrafted pieces and her holistic business concept set trends for social responsibility, transparency and ecological action in fashion. Her mission is to empower and inspire women to become more visible through and in fashion. With her fashion, Julia Leifert wants to create awareness that fair regional production, animal welfare, the preservation of traditional craftsmanship and the careful use of our resources are not only economically possible, but a fundamental part of tomorrow's fashion and that the term luxury needs to be redefined.

"I design fashion for an independent femininity, for women who dare to show themselves and follow their passion. We women have so much to say, and yet we do it far too rarely. I want to inspire women to be bold. I want to encourage women to stand up for their dreams. I am convinced that only together can we change the world. It's time to show up more."

Julia P. Leifert

Julia Leifert_Portrait