Fashion Makes Change

The Corona pandemic of recent years and and its aftermath bring casualties. More than two million people in traditional manufacturing countries such as Bangladesh, China and India have not received their wages for months, and more than 10,000 have lost their jobs altogether. This affects women in particular, who often provide for their families alone.

We at JULIA LEIFERT believe in our social responsibility towards workers in the fashion industry, regardless of our local and regional production in Germany.

For this reason, we have joined forces with Fashion Makes Chance alongside other brands such as Versace, Gabriela Hearst, Chloé, Nordstrom and Theory and are an official brand partner. Fashion Makes Change is an international, industry-wide initiative that combines women's empowerment and climate action. The initiative has created an ecosystem of collaboration between brands, consumers and industry stakeholders to drive positive change.

We want to contribute to greater equity and donate a portion of our sales proceeds to the initiative's educational and social projects. You can help too. When you shop with us online, you can round up your purchase amount to the nearest euro or donate a euro yourself by adding the donation in our shop when you pay.

The money raised supports women all over the world.

Julia Leifert - Charity Fashion Makes Change